Friday 25 October 2013

Foxes, Chevron and Paisley, OH MY!

This morning I uploaded a new video, "New Cloth Diaper Products 2013" where I talked for an obnoxious 17 minutes about all the new fluffy announcements from the year, with the focus being on recent announcements from trade shows like the ABC Kid's Expo. Even though I won't be purchasing any of these new items any time soon (spoiler alert: Liam is now 70% potty trained) I definitely still immerse myself in the cloth diaper world (that goes without saying I'm sure..did I mention the seventeen minute video I just made all about the poop catchers..?)

Anywhoozles, here are the new things from 2013 that I think are the most exciting. This year was definitely not huge on accessory announcements, so mostly it's all about the new prints for me.

Okay, and here's my notes on some stuff...

• The revamped GroVia newborn is super intriguing to me. Encased leg elastics and an improved inner sounds exactly what people have been looking for. Not gonna lie, I will definitely be purchasing some for my someday newborn stash.
• The fox, chevron and paisley prints in general. So trendy, so cute. Isn't it weird how we all suddenly start to love the same thing at the same time? Owls were all the rage, then hedghogs, and now foxes. But seriously, all the new fox prints are so cute, I could cry.
• Sloomb is really impressing me with their fitted prints. I cannot get over their recent collections, especially the new Sarah Watts seriously. Words fail me.
• While I don't love a lot of the prints Tots Bots is releasing, I know that is personal preference, and I have to commend them on how busy they must be! Releasing trainers, swim diapers, fitteds, all-in-ones, all in different designs and prints - they must have an army of people working on these! haha

• Keep in mind that I've never been the biggest Cotton Babies fan, when I tell you I'm just not feeling it. The new prints (while amazingly original) are not my style at all, and the almost 50% price increase on the Econobums cover just does not do it for me. The wool dryer balls and wet bag options (rumours are there are more sizes and prints coming) keep me interested though.
• The overdone prints. There's nothing wrong with releasing a print that everyone's done already..but they just get so repetitive and boring to me! Best Bottoms has a camo print now, AMP has a busy animal print, Bummis released the polka's just all been done before! This year has been SO print heavy, and I know people go crazy for them, but I just wish more companies would focus on coming out with some gorgeous solid colours. 

• Fuzzibunz has given up. At least that's how it feels to me, as a huge Fuzzibunz fan girl. They released some new prints and colours that you can literally find on hundreds of $5 cloth diapers..and just haven't stepped up as much as I wish they would. As a company who prides themselves on being an original and innovative diaper company who have paved the way for other diaper brands...I feel like they just could not care any less at this point. The $20 price tag no longer matches the level of brand effort in my opinion...they need to really revamp their brand; new original prints, a new product, line, something, anything!

And that's it for now. If you didn't get a chance to comment on the video, please let me know in the comments of this post what announcement you're most interested in. Is it the new Thirsties diaper? The Nicki's Diaper products? Or are you loving the foxes as much as everyone else? Even if you're not currently cloth diapering, there's nothing wrong with appreciating new fluff or putting your two cents worth into things.

Thanks guys!

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  1. I LOVE your videos on YouTube. I'm a new follower and I am loving all of the cloth vids. I'm researching everything and anything before my husband and I are TTC. Thanks for all of the great info. You're awesome.