Thursday 14 November 2013

Toddler Holiday Gift Guide

You all know by now, my favourite site to shop at is Zulily. They have new deals every day, with great items for the whole family. Right now they even have an entire men's gift section I'm having a hard time resisting. Anyway, since the holidays are approaching it's time to think about gifts! I've bought quite a few of Liam's toys and books off of Zulily over the years (the discount can be pretty unreal sometimes), and right now they have an amazing selection, so I thought I would do a quick post of some of their items. This is not a sponsored Zulily post or anything haha, but I will include referral links if you'd like to sign up that way:

My son is 3 this year, and these are all items he currently has and loves, has loved in the past, or I know would love to receive this Christmas.

Wooden Toys

Active Toys

Pretend Play

Art & Music

 Just for Fun


Keep in mind, these specific items I'm talking about are on Zulily right now for these prices, but they could sell out at any time, and if you're reading this post 2-3 days from now, they will be gone (sales usually only run for 3 days). Either way, I guess the "guide" portion of this is still relevant! If they are sold out on Zulily, I made sure to include the brand name of most of the items so you can do a quick internet search for them if you love something but missed the sale. Thanks for reading!



  1. I bought a few toys for Elliot including the Melissa and Doug stackers and beads. Zulily caught me on a weak day. :P A guitar and balance bike are also on our wish list for when he is a little older. Great list!

  2. I. Love. Zulily. We have identical taste in kids' toys. We're also looking into purchasing the Hape brand of play kitchen appliances for my three-year-old for Christmas because they are wood and have that retro look to them. They are on Amazon.

  3. Hey I was wondering how to get ahold of you I have some questions and they're a little personal for me here's my gmail