Sunday, 29 September 2013

What's In My Wristlet?

I don't know when it happened, when I went from being a crazy giant bag lady, to a simple clutch/wristlet kinda girl. Last week my optometrist commented on my lack of baggage and said something along the lines of "I've never had a young lady come in here before, not carrying her entire life in her purse." My inner self was like "Yes, I'm finally low maintenance!" haha. 

Now that Liam is 3, he doesn't require that much "stuff," he can eat anything we buy out and about, he can entertain himself with his surroundings and not a diaper bag full of toys...he's easy. So really all I have to do is pack my little clutch full of stuff for me, and we're out the door!

Merona Wristlet | Keys & Keychain | Cards |  Eye Drops | Revlon Concealer | Hourglass Child Lipgloss | MAC Myth Lipstick | Blistex Lip Balm | iPhone & Case | Hint Mints | Change

Merona Wristlet: This is my new favourite wristlet, it's not too big but not too small and totally my style. I actually picked it up from Target (score!)

Beauty Products: Blistex lip balm is a must this time of year, when all the skin on my face begins to dry out and crack (ew), and then I also bring whatever lip colour I'm rocking that day. Lately, it's been Myth by MAC, paired with Child from Hourglass (sample size). Revlon colorstay concealer in Fair is also a necessity.

Other stuff: Obviously my license, bank card and library card go with me (actually, I'm pretty sure that's Liam's library card) along with my keys and super cute keychain I got from Ardene, eye drops when my contacts are feeling a bit dry and my Hint Mints (cinnamon flavour - aka amazing). Oh and some change, because a loonie and quarter are essential since I never remember which grocery store cart takes which! #momlife

iphone: This is not the most exciting item, I'm like 3 models behind (tragic, right?) so showing that to you isn't going to welcome oohs and ahhs, but at least my phone case is pretty beautiful! It's by All For Color and called Pretty Posies. It's so my taste, I could puke. I just love it.

Well that's it for today, thanks for reading! And thanks to Tanya Burr for inspiring this post <3

xoxo Lala

Saturday, 7 September 2013


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Friday, 6 September 2013

Lipstick TAG

I found a tag video on Youtube called the "crazy about lipstick tag" and decided to film and answer the questions myself, you can find that video here. When filling out the description, I went out to find the originator of the tag, as I always do so I can include the link and give proper credit. Well when I went to do so, I found that the original questions were from this blog, and as the tag has gone around youtube, I guess the questions have been altered. I thought I would go ahead and answer the questions I missed from the original blog post, in my own blog post :)

What was your first ever lipstick?
Funny enough, I just stumbled upon it the other day when reorganizing my collection, I had no idea I still had it! It definitely needs to be thrown away, as that purchase was probably 8+ years ago now (man, that makes me feel old). Anyway, the name has rubbed off, but all I know is it's a disgusting deep but bright magenta/hot pink/so gross on my skin tone I don't even know how to appropriately describe it colour. One of those things I bought just for the sake of owning my first item of makeup.
What is your most worn lipstick?
My "most worn" lipstick is definitely not my "all time favourite" lipstick, which is why I didn't include it in the video, as it's not that worth mentioning I don't think. Anyway, my most worn lipstick is without a doubt, Myth by MAC. I could live without it (I have a few other MAC nudes I actually prefer) and it's not my all time favourite, but I find myself using it the most for some reason haha, try to understand that girl logic ;)
What is your favourite brand for lipstick?
Revlon and MAC are always at the top of my list because of their  quality but also their finish options and colour selection, but Buxom also really impresses me.
How many lip products do you currently have in your handbag? (Including balms and glosses)
Four, which would be a pretty average number for me. I always always have a chapstick (either Blistex Lip Medex or an EOS lip balm) in my bag, then the lipstick and lipgloss combo I am wearing that particular day, along with a back-up lipstick (almost always a nude) in case I find myself getting tired of my current lip colour, which occasionally happens when I'm rocking a really bold lip. So 4 products.
What lipstick do you use to rock a red lip?
I rarely do reds, but when I do it is Strawberry Suede by Revlon. It's matte and creamy and perfect. If I'm doing an bold orange lip (which is more common for me) it's Sail La Vie by MAC.
How do you store your lipsticks?
I just purchased the Alex 9 drawer from IKEA for make-up storage, and my lipstick is still in the process of being organized. Right now I have a little shelf above the Alex that fits all of my Revlon lipstick (my most worn overall brand) an acrylic organizer for daily makeup on top of the unit (which fits  up to 12 lipsticks, so my MAC lipstick collection fits perfectly) and then one drawer inside the unit is dedicated to all the stragglers (along with stains, balms, glosses etc.)
What lip products are you currently lusting after?
Oh man, this answer could go on and on.  There are a few MAC shades I would love to get my hands on (specifically from collections I can no longer find) as well as a couple Korres products, but mostly I'm lusting over Too Faced La Creme Lip Colours (Juicy Melons is at the top of my list) as well as Tarte Glamazon lipsticks which I've always been obsessed with (but have never found the nerve to buy) especially in the colours Bold and Enlightened.

Thanks for this tag Maxi, it was definitely a fun one :) Lipstick addicts unite!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Favourite Cloth Diaper Prints

These are my current favourite cloth diaper prints. I'll list the brand name, but keep in mind you can/will likely find each specific fabric pattern in multiple brands and types of diapers.

Chevron is so trendy right now, it's all over home decor items, clothing, accessories etc. I'm apparently a huge trend follower, because I love me some chevron/zigzag/squiggles... whatever you want to call this pattern. This grey chevron diaper from the etsy shop TheEliMonster is beyond

AMP has probably one of the cutest cloth diaper designs out there in my opinion. The frilly looking leg gussets, the rounded tabs..and we can't forget the amazing print options. This elephant print named Wee Trunks is almost too much to handle.

I didn't want to put diapers on this list that weren't readily available, but when I looked at this Goodmama 795 Jo OBV (according to her Flickr..but I can't find it anywhere else), I couldn't not include it. After all, it's at the top of my Goodmama "have to have it" list, the delicate floral print is right up my alley. I could easily make a top 6 list all of goodmama, they are just so freaking cute!

I know this diaper isn't for everybody, but seriously...whoever created the print on this Baby Wizard must have gotten a hold of my brain and made this diaper specifically for me. The leaves, the orange and navy and grey, the random goose...or is that a swan? Either way, it's a win.

This is my only cheat, because it's not technically a cloth diaper, but it's a cloth diaper accessory so it's allowed, I've decided. But seriously, have you ever seen such a glorious array of colours and geometric-wonderfulosity? I had not until finding this Etsy seller PETUNIAS.

Lastly, this beauty from Ananbaby (and the 2,349,823 other brands who also sell it) is probably my favourite. Sometimes I'm in the mood for calm and cool colours and prints, and sometimes I just want a bright colour and pattern explosion; this bird design definitely provides that!

Thanks for reading my loves, let me know your favourite prints of the 6 I listed, or better yet, tell me your favourite print! Go ahead and link to the diaper or brand, so we can all appreciate the art of the fluff.