Thursday 11 July 2013

Liam's Thomas the Train Birthday Party

Thomas the Train, Thomas the Tank Engine, Thomas and Friends etc etc. Whatever you want to call it, that was the theme of Liam's birthday party. He's loved Thomas for quite some time now, so during his annual camping birthday weekend I threw together some train themed stuff. Honestly, I started getting stuff together only a week before the party, and put most of it together in like 24 hours, so I could have done more or done better, but Liam loved it so it was perfect :)
I had an original plan to make train cars for the cupcakes to sit in,  à la this blog  or even cute cupcake wrappers..or something. But when it was all said and done, I ended up running into Walmart and picking up some cheap cupcakes haha the boys loved it...and the moms loved their horribly stained hands (what dye do they use?!)

I also had 2 picture frames with photos of Liam in them, but unfortunately I didn't get a great picture of, but these are the two photos I took for the frames:

I got this "chug chug, chew chew" idea from here and thought it was super cute. So I just threw together a couple different designs in Photoshop and printed them out on some glossy paper. I love the water bottle labels because it's such a simple idea but really adds something to the whole theme. 

And finally, the banner. I love this banner. It was so fun to shop for fabrics and put together! Obviously I didn't have some fancy backdrop or nice crisp white walls or something to take pictures in front of, just nature haha, so the full effect is probably not quite there.

And Liam's face when you tell him to smile. He's a hoot.

Thanks for reading! I'm already thinking about ideas for Liam's 4th birthday! Check out my Pinterest board for birthday and other special event inspiration, as well as my Youtube for an upcoming video montage of Liam's birthday weekend!


  1. his face is classic! great theme! you did a wonderful job!!

  2. Lovely train birthday party!! The cupcakes are looking so cute. Have planned to arrange my son’s birthday party at one of Los Angeles event venues and will have power ranger theme. He will surely enjoy the day.