Tuesday 7 May 2013

Liam's Alphabet Room

I adore Liam's room, it was the first room we put together when we moved into this house almost 2 years ago. I love clean lines, soft muted colours and beautiful flowy decor, but when it came to my toddler's room, I wanted a crayon box explosion type look. Colours everywhere, nothing really matching..but all matching at the same time. We went with pine furniture and white linens, and then a rainbow of colours everywhere else.

As our time enjoying this wonderful home is coming to an end (shocking news, I know), I wanted to share some of my favourite parts of Liam's room.
Of course the first has to be the one that takes the most space...and took the most work.

The alphabet wall.

I had had this idea for quite a while before we finally moved and I could make my dreams of an alphabet wall a reality. In that time, I found a bunch of other bloggers who had done similar alphabet walls, and got even more inspired! These letters (while not perfect, or perfectly aligned haha) came from everywhere and anywhere. That "U" is a horseshoe that my grandfather had for probably 60 years above his workshop door. The "B" I found deep in a bin of junk at the thrift store, and covered it in a page from one of Liam's books, that I probably cut wrong 3 times before finally getting a usable scrap. That "W" was part of an iron sign that said "wine" until we took a grinder to it. Every letter was bought from a different store, painted or glued or cut or mended; it was a blast.

The bed.

A custom pine log bed, made by a local furniture maker/artist. I love the structure, the colour and all the little imperfections of the wood. The pillow and pillowcase are from Superstore, the white blanket is Coyuchi and the rainbow blanket was found at Winners (Piccolo Bambino brand).

The little details.

I found this awesome recycled magazine wastebasket at Bed, Bath and Beyond and the owl and piggy bank were thrifted (but I do think the owl bank originally comes from Chapters/Indigo). I thought it would be good to integrate some white decor into the room, so the colourful-ness wasn't too overwhelming. I think these break up the colours well, but still look like they fit in. 

and you can't complain about the view.

If you want to see more; like my cloth diaper organization, cute wall canvas art and how we store toys in his room - make sure to check out our room tour video :)

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