Friday 18 July 2014

Favourite Products For My 3 Year Old

Liam just turned 4 this week, so I thought I'd share what our favourite products have been over the past year. If you want to see more in depth, here's the video:

If you'd rather read about them, here we go:

one. The Groclock is amazing for kids who are at the age where they're just learning to tell time. They can see the numbers and see how they correspond with day time and night time, as well as associating the sun with awake time and the stars with sleep time. You turn on the night time setting and choose a time for the sun to "wake up" so your child knows it's time for them to get up as well.

two. Tom's of Maine Kid's Toothpaste tastes amazing, so it'll keep the child happy, and great ingredients to make the parents happy. It also comes in 2 versions, so when we eventually start using fluoride in his toothpaste, it'll be the same ingredients and flavour that he's already used to!

three. This Weleda Body Wash & Shampoo is so creamy and smells amazing - and of course cleanses really well too ;)

four. Substance Sunscreen is a great physical sun blocker that is perfect for young kids. It won't drip everywhere, won't sting their eyes, and is nice and thick so you can see the physical barrier working.

five. Boogie Wipes has been a must-have in our diaper bag since Liam was a baby. It's a moist saline wipe, perfect for snotty faces because it won't dry out their nose! It's also great to have on hand for wiping messy faces and hands.

six. Divided plates were perfect for my 3 year old, who wanted everything separated at all times. Most of his meals are just a random mix of food items, so these are great. This one in particular is by Skip Hop.

seven. Love this Boon Thirst cup for the ease of grabbing onto, as well as preventing spillage.

eight. Blank paper should be a staple for all young kids to encourage creativity and imagination. This ALEX paper dispenser is great for continuing to just keep rolling it out over and over and over..

nine. The Cloud B Sleep Turtle was a necessity for that stage Liam went through during his threes where he just wouldn' The lights kept him occupied and gave him something to watch and focus on while he drifted off to sleep. 

ten. We didn't have this specific brand, but Puddle Jumpers as a concept are amazing. They are water wings with a front piece attached, which really improves your child's mobility (and safety) when first getting comfortable in the water.

eleven. Ready 2 Learn Easy Grip Chalk has been one of Liam's favourite art supplies all year; it makes it easy to hold onto, and keeps hands a little cleaner!

twelve. The Britax Frontier CT was our choice for combination seat when Liam outgrew his Evenflo Triumph convertible seat (which should accommodate up to 65 pounds, but Liam grew out of at 40 pounds due to his height). The Frontier is a combination seat, which can be used as a 5 point harness until 65 pounds and then a booster seat up to 120 pounds.

thirteen. EZ Sox were perfect for my 3 year old who wanted to be independent but didn't quite have the patience for traditional socks. These have little loops for them to pull the socks up with.

fourteen. 3 was such a fun age, because he was always saying some of the most hilarious things. The Q&A Book for Kids has a question for every day of the year, and space for 3 years of documenting answers. 

fifteen. Reduce WaterWeek Bottles come in packs of 5 with a nice little container to keep them all together in the fridge.

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  1. I just started following your cloth diaper vlogs / reviews, do you have baby number two that you are going to cloth diaper? because I know you don't CD anymore, but am having withdraws!!! haha.