Thursday 19 January 2012

Canadian Cloth Diaper Websites

Okay, this is it. I have scoured the internet for what feels like years..and I have come up with the list. THE list. It's the only list you need. Canada cloth diaper websites. Cloth diaper websites that are based in Canada. Sure, there are a ton of US-based sites out there that will-maybe-kinda-iguessso ship to Canada, but THESE here are based in Canada. They are shipping from Canada. To Canada. Winner winner cloth diaper heaven!

So, as a graphic designer there are things I look for on a website, as I have been trained to have an eye for layout, design, interface and marketing schematics. These are websites that not only sell diapers, but websites I would personally purchase from. Websites that aren't hard to navigate, aren't painful to look at, and have a variety of diapers. So no, not every cloth diaper site in Canada is on here; just the ones I currently approve of.

So click away, look around, find the diaper you're on the hunt for! And good luck!

Ava's Apple Tree
By Nature
Hip Baby
The Cloth Diaper Shop
Caterpillar Baby
Peekaboo Bottoms
Pure Modern Baby
Nell's Natural Baby
Gorgeous Baby
So Green Baby
Eco Bebe Boutique
Adventures of Little
Ottawa Cloth Diapers
Extraordinary Baby Shoppe
Snuggle Bugz
New and Green
Little Tree Hugger
Huckleberry Baby Shop
Cozy Bums
Abby Sprouts
A Tall Giraffe
Fluffy Bottom Babies
Belly Laughs
Tickled Green Baby

(Might I add that there are some lovely Quebec based cloth diaper websites out there, but I just can't navigate them due to the fact that me no parle francais (I think that was a mix between french and you see what I mean)


  1. You forgot Comfy Rumps! they are Canada based and make awesome affordable diapers! :D Besides that. The list is Awesome! Thank you! :D

  2. thanks for the list, i will be going through it an adding the ones i need to my favorites!! <3

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  4. Thank you for the mention! Ya for Canadian Stores!!
    ~Laurie @ Adventures of Little

  5. My favourite is Enfant Style Diapers. They are based out of Montreal, but their site is in English. Their website is SO cute and easy to use!

  6. Also forgot about Nature Bumz


  8. Cloth diapers are very comfortable for the kids. Easy to wash and reuse. I love the fact that my kid is always happy and it doesnt really bother him with wet effect. Also, has many options for inserts and they also have a charcoal diaper which avoid diaper rashes.